The gap between the years 2000 and 2010 seems like a good time for me to write about my favourite albums of the decade. These also happen to be the years that I went from the angst ridden age of 16 to the slightly (emphasis on slightly) maturer age of 26. It also provides me with a great opportunity to show you that my taste in music is probably not the same as yours (and obviously not as good), and that my list isn’t eclectic in the slightest.

I have fallen in love with hundreds of albums in the past ten years so to name only ten of them is an extremely difficult task. However, I’ve done it and if you’d like a rough idea of my top artists over the last few years, you can take a gander at my page.

The following list includes ten albums that for me, have either; strongly influenced me in different ways, remain nostalgic and still spark brilliant memories of growing up or simply, still remain extremely enjoyable for me to listen to from start to finish. In fact, these are the factors that helped make my final decision a hell of a lot easier. Oh and don’t expect any of these albums to appear in any other list of ‘Great albums from the last decade’. It just wouldn’t happen…

So let’s get on with it. (Beware – I WILL go over the top when I write about my number 1)

#10. Fenix TX – Lechuza

Fenix_TX-Lechuza The number ’10’ spot was the hardest spot for me to fill, and if I’m honest I’m still not sure what should have truly gone here. This album was released whilst I was in the sixth form and it was usually on repeat during my I.T lessons via my trusty mini-disc player. The eleven tracks on Lechuza have a bit of everything, from angst to emotional with some humour and fun to boot. I guess this albums lasting power could have been due to the fact, the band split up a couple of years afterwards, but I honestly still get enjoyment from it and am now itching to see these guys live once more. I’m pretty certain that the inclusion of ‘Lechuza’ in this list will surprise almost everyone, but I feel it rightly deserves its place in my personal top ten.

#9. Less Than Jake – Borders & Boundaries

LTJ-Borders-boundariesSo here’s the token ska-punk inclusion in my list. I have to admit I have gone off ska in general an awful lot over the past couple of years but Less Than Jake will always be welcome in my collection with open arms. Borders and Boundaries is another album that spent A LOT of time making friends with that trusty mini-disc player of mine. It’s an album that worked for me all year round and it provided so much fun it’s unreal. It mainly reminds me of bus journeys and walks to work, so technically it shouldn’t be great based on the memories, but the fact is, those bus journeys and walks to work were really great thanks to my favourite Less Than Jake album. Admittedly it doesn’t get played as much these days, but I think I’ve unfairly abandoned it. So 22 tracks of ska-punk fun help to earn Borders and Boundaries the #9 spot.

#8. Coheed & Cambria – In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3

cover_coheed_and_cambria-in_keeping_secretsOk, this is getting a bit harder now. I have the next 8 albums decided upon, but I’m putting them into order as I go. I was slightly late getting into Coheed & Cambria, and probably discovered this album about a six months after its release in 2004. This album is probably one of the few in my top ten that took a while to grow on me, but once it did I’d discovered a new favourite band. At the time of writing this the band have four albums and this remains my favourite by a substantial way. It also introduced me to a new genre of music that I hadn’t really given the time of day prior to discovering number eight in my top ten. Prog-Rock, punk rock, pop and t’riffz all in one near perfect album. That’ll slot it nicely into my list. Thanks Coheed.

#7. Saves The Day – Stay What You Are

savestdaySo number seven in my list brings me to a band that I’ve never really loved quite as much since the release of this album in 2001. This album is mainly in my list for the memories it conjures up as a ‘just discovered alcohol’ eighteen year old ‘yoof’. I can recall many drunken nights where me and my good friend Greg would recite the dark lyrics off of this album whilst wandering the well known streets of my home town slightly inebriated. ‘Stay What You Are’ is truly host to many anthems of ‘the best years of my life’ and to this day I continue to enjoy them just as much as I did eight years ago. I keep worrying that this album shouldn’t be here, but the more I think about it, the more I realise it still brings a huge smile to my face on every listen. Yeah it’ll definitely remain in my list at number seven.

#6. Jimmy Eat World – Jimmy Eat World (Bleed American)

C_JimmyEatWorldJimmy Eat World are easily one of my top three favourite bands from the last decade. Every album I own by them could have probably been here if I’m honest. The reason I picked this one however, was because 1) It’s the first one I owned (and consequently fell in love with) and 2) It easily owns the nostalgia factor over any of the others. The catchy pop rock from start to finish on this album is as fresh to me now as it was the first time I heard it. I’m starting to realise there is a theme of anthems helping these albums into my top ten list, but that’s what it’s all abut for me. The anthems that moulded me into who I am today and were with me through both good times and bad. A little cheesy? Maybe! But I’m not writing the popular classic albums of the last decade list am I now.

#5. Brand New – Deja Entendu

art7You know, if I had written this list two years earlier, I’m certain that this album would have been a bit higher up the list. In fact it would easily have been number one at one stage in my life. Don’t get me wrong, I still adore it but I just can’t love it as much as I once did. If listening to an album on repeat too many times could break your CD Player then this album would have done just that. Brilliantly written songs, that you can’t necessarily relate to, but they were so good you didn’t need to. I don’t really know why I’m talking in past tense because to this day they still are really good and that’s why it made it into my top five. If you knew me five years ago, the chances are you heard me harping on about how this was the best album since your favourite album of all time. Unfortunately, not many people agreed.

#4. New Found Glory – New Found Glory

A_New_Found_Glory_New_Found_GloryI’ve sort of surprised myself here, because I didn’t really expect New Found Glory to rank so highly in the list. I’m unashamedly a huge fan of pop-punk, a genre my peers will say I should have grown out of when I hit the 21 mark, but… I haven’t. This is an album I discovered shortly after Blink182’s album ‘Enema of The State’ (which was painfully released before 2000) and included some of the biggest ‘tunes’ for an eighteen year old who was on the verge of becoming a punk rocker. All the songs on this album are also about girls, and for an eighteen year old me, it was easy to relate to. I can still put this album on and sing along to every single word. My neighbours probably think I’m singing my heart out to busted, but little do they know it’s actually my fourth best album from the last decade. An album that earns it’s place easily. An album that I’ll always have on my ipod.

#3. Alexisonfire – Watch Out

122682548342It would appear that most of my list isn’t really the last decade at all. It’s mainly albums from around 2000-2004 and this is no exception. Although it was probably around 2005/6 I actually discovered it. This album for me can do no wrong. I love it from start to finish. Obviously I have my favourite tracks on ‘Watch Out’ but I love every single track on this album. This is probably the heaviest album on my list, but it does have a bit of everything. I’d be prepared to bet this is one of my ‘most listened to’ albums in my life and actually contains a couple of songs that would certainly be on my top ten songs of the decade list. Well written lyrics, well written music and some of the best vocals you’ll ever hear (Dallas Green *ahem*) and I have myself an album that I have no hesitation to put in my top three of this decade.

#2. Frank Turner – Sleep Is For The Week

20136Anyone that knows me probably saw this coming. Frank Turner has quickly become my favourite song writer of the last decade. I literally could have put any of his albums in this spot, because I love them all but I chose this one for a couple of reasons. I can relate to the lyrics a bit too much to describe my life over the last ten years. This sort of makes it perfect for this list too. Also whenever I see Frank live, I always get an amazing feeling when he plays anything from ‘Sleep Is For The Week’. More-so than any other material. This album helped shoot Frank Turner to the top of my played artists list on my account, and as a recent discovery that’s pretty good going. I could sing my praises for this album and Frank Turner for another 2000 words, but I guess I’ll spare you the boredom. Just know this was always going to be in the #2 spot.

#1. The Movielife – This Time Next Year

portadaI’m laughing to myself as I fill in the spot for my number one album of the decade. I can hear 90% of the people reading this article going ‘Who?’. Some of you are probably even a little baffled or disappointed. Just hear me out. This album – this band were always going to be here. If you asked me in the year 2000 to state my favourite album I would have said this one. Ask me now? You get the same answer. This album single-handedly defines the last decade of my life. It’s at least played a couple of times a month and has been for the last ten years. It’s the album that made me want to start a band. It even played a hand it me purchasing my first guitar (although Green Day and Blink182 also deserve some credit for that). I very rarely get excited about seeing a band live for the first time, as I did when I first saw The Movielife live. It’s influenced me in so many ways, and even probably convinced me I was punk rock back in the day. Unfortunately the band split a few years after this album was released and I was absolutely gutted. However, last year I got to see a sort of re-union and it was the best gig of my life. This album sits above any other album I own. Its not musically genius, it’s not ground breaking and you probably won’t like it, but to me it’s everything. To me it’s my number one album of the last decade.

So there you go. If you’ve made it this far I congratulate you. If you’ve skimmed it, then I don’t blame you, but you might need to read it to understand why my list is so shocking. If you think my list is crap then I probably think the same about yours. That’s why it’s my list. Oh and I’d also like to list some albums below that could just have easily been in this list. Now I’m finished I’m even a bit confused as to why some of them weren’t.

  • The Used – The Used
  • Finch – What It Is To Burn
  • Lost Prophets – The Fake Sound of Progress
  • Something Corporate – Leaving Through The Window
  • Thrice – The Illusion of Safety
  • Midtown – Save The World, Lose The Girl
  • Muse – Showbiz
  • JJ72 – JJ72
  • Thursday – Full Collapse
  • Rise Against – Revolutions Per Minute
  • Rx Bandits – Half Way Between Here & There
  • Sum41 – All Killer, No Filler
  • Billy Talent – I
  • Limp Bizkit – Chocolate Starfish